I Am Proud to Be United Methodist

This summer, Rob Renfroe, Publisher of Good News Magazine, produced a series of six videos making the case for why United Methodist individuals and congregations should leave the UMC. He hopes these video presentations will persuade them to join the Global Methodist Church that he has helped form.

I’ve heard from United Methodists who have watched those videos and asked, “Is this really true? Does this represent the viewpoint and beliefs of United Methodists?” I don’t doubt that Rob Renfroe believes what he says, but most United Methodists have a very different perspective from his.

I have recorded a brief response to each video to clarify the misinformation that is shared about United Methodists. I hope these video responses might be helpful to churches and individuals seeking to discern whether to leave The United Methodist Church.

You’ll find this video series on a new website called Proud to Be UMC. The series includes the following videos:

  • Why UMC?
  • Love of Scripture
  • Committed to Christ
  • Human Sexuality
  • A Future with Hope
  • Where Should You Go? (coming October 7)

I invite you to visit Proud to Be UMC. If you and/or your church are discerning whether to remain in the UMC, I believe these videos will be helpful. If you are committed to remaining United Methodist, there is a place on the website to indicate that commitment. If you are an individual whose church is leaving the UMC, but you wish to remain a United Methodist, we want to encourage and support you in finding a new UMC community.

Pastors and laity, please visit the site and if you find it helpful, please share it with others. And, if you are planning to remain UMC, please click the link on the website where you can indicate that you and/or your church are planning to remain a part of the UMC. We believe the vast majority of United Methodists and UM churches will remain UMC, and that we have an exciting future ahead.

I am #ProudtoBeUMC

Adam Hamilton

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